I feel like a squirrel.

I started dehydrating the blueberries (gathered at the Muddy Road last weekend) yesterday. The manual and a couple of website mentioned that it’d take 12-15 hours to dry but by bed time, they still weren’t ready so I let the Excalibur run throughout the night. The dehydrator stopped at roughly the 24-hour mark.

Some of the berries were shrivelled this morning while others kept their almost perfectly round shape (though they were of course, hollow). They now have a flaky texture. A couple that I taste-tested where a bit gooey, like store-bought raisins. Maybe I left them in the dehydrator too long?

I guess I’ll find out because I’ll sure be needing a lot more if I’m hoping to save enough to last me through the winter. The photo shows the entire yield from the harvest (minus about a cup, which was used in a morning smoothie).

July 23, 2013 - Dried Blueberries


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